Better Living Through Chemistry?

It’s been brought to my attention that over a month and a half has passed since I last posted here.  While I never said I would blog on a regular basis, here is a little something I’ve been thinking about recently…

Pharmaceutical companies sure have come a long way in the last 20 years or so.  Gone are the days when an elevated cholesterol level or high blood pressure had your Doctor giving you a sheet of paper telling you the right foods to eat and advice on better exercise practices.  Now they automatically write a prescription and tell you, “We’re going to put you on this stuff for 6 months…”.  Not to mention how times have changed since Nancy Reagan’s Just Say No! fight against kids and drugs – “Remember, Son, stay away from the marijuana.  Now here’s your pill to help you focus at school today.”

There is a pill for just about everything; I just wish someone would come up with something to help what I like to call PDD (Personality Deficit Disorder), but until they do I guess people will have to take what they’ve been taking for years – alcohol.


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