The Coach’s Next Step

Nine games into Peter Laviolette’s stint behind the Flyers’ bench as head coach and the team is a measly 2-6-1, playing the same uninspired brand of hockey that put John Stevens out of a job.

Laviolette has come in and done some things differently than Stevens – players are being held accountable at practice for in-game stupidity, for one.  Is it helping?  Nope.  The same players are making the same mistakes; it’s the only point of consistency this team is showing, and it truly sucks to watch.

There has been talk of a trade to shake things up a bit, but who gets dealt?  There are so many No Trade Clauses and lengthy contracts on this roster – and don’t forget the Salary Cap – that the choices are limited.  Personally, I don’t think a trade would do the trick, but at this point it’s moot due to the NHL’s Holiday Trade Embargo that is currently in place, and doesn’t get lifted until January 9th, I believe.  (EDIT – Players can be traded again starting December 28th.  Do some research, blogger.  *shakes head in shame*)

It’s time for Laviolette to start giving guys a different perspective on game day – a view from on-high.  Yes, the dreaded ‘healthy scratch’.  “You get to watch the game from the press box tonight.”  Not necessarily as punishment, but as a learning experience in some cases.  Scott Hartnell could use a game or two upstairs for both reasons, and he’s just one example.  Braydon Coburn, quite possibly, might benefit from seeing a game from a different angle, too.

Maybe that’s not the answer, but really, what else can be tried?  These guys need to get their heads out of their asses and start playing as a team before it’s too late – and that day approaches faster with each passing piss-poor effort they come out with.


9 Responses to “The Coach’s Next Step”

  1. Get rid of Hartnell and Richards and the screw off crew is now gone. It may not be in the club’s best interest for the future but right now it is. To me these two players are the biggest problems on the ice during games or practices. We have video evidence of each.

    They’re were rumors about the Flyers talking with the Stars, I’d call and try and make a Richards for Richards move. Briere centers Gagne again, Giroux gets JVR and Carter would get Richards.

    Hartnell could then be moved for a young solid winger and a pick.

    • Can’t do anything like that until after the New Year. Something’s got to be done to try to get through to these idiots now, as in immediately. Laviolette screaming at them on the bench 5 minutes into the game yesterday didn’t even help.

      Hell, you’d probably have to put someone in the press box with them to make sure they were paying attention and not playing on their cell phones or some shit. I don’t even trust some of them to watch the friggin’ game.

      • I understand what both of you are saying but there are only 3 or so games between now and the 27th. Whatever happens between now and then won’t help things much.

        BB- I read your post on HB, unfortunately, I don’t think removing the C from Richards helps matters at all. I consider him the ring leader of all that has gone wrong in Philly. Holmer has tried to get rid of those offenders but kept two. I see Carter work harder and more as a team player, so that is the reason I keep him over Richards.

        If the C were to change hands, I’m not sure who should get it. Maybe they could have something like what Buffalo had with Briere and Drury. Pronger, Timmonen, Lappy and Briere all have to be in consideration to wear a letter if a move like this happens. Of course there are a few others that could get a letter as well.

    • I wouldn’t trade Richards. I just wouldn’t make him captain. That was a mistake we are paying for in spades now. The C should have gone to Timonen in the first place. Yeah, yeah, yeah…I know Richards was a captain in juniors. But that’s a whole different thing. Not as much responsibility, either inside the room or outside. Much like Dejardins’ game did, Richards game is wilting under the pressure of wearing the C.

      Given the restrictions on trades TM has already mentioned, and the fact that most of these idiots have an NMC or NTC in their contract, I think the best option for shaking this team out of its funk is to take the C away from Richards and give it to Pronger. I’d take the A from Carter too.

      If it was up to me, it’d be like this: C – Pronger, A- Timonen, A – Lappy. If their feelings get hurt then too bad. They should have played like they gave a shit if the wanted to avoid this.

  2. Uncle Butsy Says:

    I wouldn’t make a trade, I would do as you suggest and place a body or two in the press box.

  3. richards18!! Says:

    I agree this team has enough talent to not need a trade but if this keeps continuing I guess Homer will pull the trigger

  4. Good post. I really don’t see a trade as happening, or even possible considering some of the contracts we have. I’d definitely sit Hartnell, Coburn … and maybe even Richards a game or two. I love Richards, but I’m having serious doubts about his ability to be captain. Maybe he needs some time off from the pressure associated with being captain, and we should just have 3 A’s for the remainder of the season.

  5. Free Willig Says:

    I don’t care who you are, if you haven’t been in the league 5 years, you don’t get the C. It’s not just about leadership on the ice, a true captain can help his teammates with “life” when necessary. Trading Richards would be moronic. He’s still a great and versatile player. If the Flyers feel they need to shake things up to THAT degree, I’m sure the Senators would love to have him. Take whatever you want off our roster.

    I’m not close enough to the Flyers to have an answer. There must be something wrong in the room because line for line, this is the most talented team in the league.

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