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A Rich Fantasy Life

Posted in Fantasy Hockey, NHL with tags , on February 19, 2010 by tangentman

Thank goodness the Winter Olympics only come around every four years. With NHL players’ participation, the League shuts down for the Games, which leads to withdrawal on a couple of levels – I miss the NHL games, but the Olympic tournament takes care of that in a way. What gets me is the lack of action for my fantasy teams.

They say admitting there is a problem is the first step toward a cure. Well, I’m a fantasy hockey junkie. Okay, I said it, but I don’t feel any better…no weight has been miraculously lifted from my shoulders.

I have an addictive personality. I work in Atlantic City, yet I don’t gamble; that would be trouble. I’ve had to modify my alcohol intake because I don’t know when to stop once I start. The one thing I give in to is the fantasy game – every night during the season is meaningful since my teams are made up of players from all around the League and someone always has a game. Until this stinkin’ Olympic hiatus.

The saving grace in fantasy is that, unlike the NHL, there is no trade embargo during the break. I can still discuss deals with other GMs; I can go over the rosters and stats to find target players to fill a void at a certain position; I can peruse the free agent list to find the guy that everyone else has missed that is ready to go on a scoring spree.

Writing that last paragraph just gave me the shakes. I need a fix, dammit. Gotta go open a new tab…