A Rich Fantasy Life

Thank goodness the Winter Olympics only come around every four years. With NHL players’ participation, the League shuts down for the Games, which leads to withdrawal on a couple of levels – I miss the NHL games, but the Olympic tournament takes care of that in a way. What gets me is the lack of action for my fantasy teams.

They say admitting there is a problem is the first step toward a cure. Well, I’m a fantasy hockey junkie. Okay, I said it, but I don’t feel any better…no weight has been miraculously lifted from my shoulders.

I have an addictive personality. I work in Atlantic City, yet I don’t gamble; that would be trouble. I’ve had to modify my alcohol intake because I don’t know when to stop once I start. The one thing I give in to is the fantasy game – every night during the season is meaningful since my teams are made up of players from all around the League and someone always has a game. Until this stinkin’ Olympic hiatus.

The saving grace in fantasy is that, unlike the NHL, there is no trade embargo during the break. I can still discuss deals with other GMs; I can go over the rosters and stats to find target players to fill a void at a certain position; I can peruse the free agent list to find the guy that everyone else has missed that is ready to go on a scoring spree.

Writing that last paragraph just gave me the shakes. I need a fix, dammit. Gotta go open a new tab…


4 Responses to “A Rich Fantasy Life”

  1. rockychocbill Says:

    I remember the old days when we used to track all this fantasy crap on paper and if you were lucky enough to have a computer geek in the pool you might get it uploaded into some obscure file format and if you even luckier be able to print a copy on the old dot matrix.

    It was fun but it was hard to really get hooked with that process going on. Ever since the different fantasy sports sites put a fancy GUI on the whole thing it’s become much more intruiging. I wouldn’t consider myself a junkie by any means, I only play a couple each winter, but I do find myself on the computer each day checking stuff out and playing GM as you mentioned. I know one thing from playing though. If I were a real GM I would NEVER hand out a NTC or NMC and I wouldn’t be very popular with the players. I tend to make a LOT of moves on my teams. 🙂

    • I was fortunate enough to get into a first year, 16 team Dynasty League this year (the Inaugural Draft was 62 rounds – 30 active players/25 Minor Leaguers, complete with NHL games-played restrictions/7 2009 Entry Draft…only Entry Drafts from here on out) that really has my attention, as the team I drafted is the team I deal with for the duration. The trading process is taken much more seriously than in a single-season league, obviously, and while there are no players on my team that have the dreaded NTC, it would take a return of epic proportion to finagle a guy like Ovechkin out of me.

      The 2nd year keeper that I’m in with the guys from the Flyers threads on HB is a ton of fun, too. Which reminds me…I have to look into a deal that Jim offered me. lol

  2. John Pinkerton Says:

    I realized last year that my time as a fantasy maniac were at an end. I used to play 7-10 pools a season. Some I only needed to look at once a week, some two or three times a day. I subscribed to a statistics service and would spend hours at the computer each night trying to find an advantage. Last season Jason started playing ice hockey and this season he played for two teams. The heart of the NHL schedule is Saturday nights and I’m typically traveling. My Sundays are gobbled up with games and practice. Tournaments destroy 3-4 days at a time.

    I stopped running my own pool and my ability to prepared for drafts have left my teams hobbled at best. I stopped paying attention to most of them during the Christmas tournaments except for jumping in here and there out of guilt for the other players. When this season ends I’m done until I have more time on my hands.

    Still can’t curtail my alcohol intake.

  3. Uncle Butsy Says:

    Hockey pools can be fun but I do find that can get a little overwhelming at times. I am in 4 pools and try to keep it at 4. Even then it takes up a fair amount of time.

    It’s fun to play GM but damn do I hate cheering for a player I would normally hate

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